The nonsense of
Ido Yechimovitz and Dor Shamir

This week’s subject is Zombie Celebrity

This Week’s subject is Intoxicated Wizard

This Week’s subject is Steampunk Gentelman

This Week’s subject is Alien Conqueror.

This Week’s subject is Space Mechanic

Geriatric Superheroes! 

First post! Mozes!

Our first subject is Mozes, from the movie Attack The Block.


Dor and Ido.

Welcome to Sketchup!

Hey all,

Welcome to Sketchup! a weekly theme-based sketch blog of 

Ido Yechimovitz, and Dor Shamir.

Once a week (or hopefully more often) we’ll choose a subject to draw and share with you. Later on you’re gonna vote for the subject you’d like us to draw.

We would love to hear your opinion,